Tuesday, October 14, 2008


  • Discuss one idea showing how a lesson at Qatar Academy could be enhanced by using the new technology
    • What tasks would it be used for?
    • It can be used for learning at school becasue Drupal is a great tool for setting up a dynamic web site that can be maintained by all members of the school community. It has many features that lend itself to enhancing communication and community within a school. Some features that Drupal has are:
    • Content Management Systems
    • Blogs
    • Collaborative authoring environments
    • Forums
    • Peer-to-peer networking
    • Newsletters
    • Podcasting
    • Picture galleries
    • File uploads and downloads

    • Would all students need one?
    In order for student to be in touch with their teacher and to do good on their project they will need a drupal. You can download it at home if you want it to be an icon or you can use it online.
    • How could the use of the technology add value or improve the lesson?
    This can improve lessons because instead of having the teacher explain a lesson for a long time . The teacher can just have put it on the drupal. The student can then go on drupal read the lesson for the day. If they have any question they can type it in the question box and you will receive an answer to it. This happened because the question gets typed in google and will give you a link to your answer. This can also help becuase you can put all your essays and your work on the drupal so you dont need to hand in any work on paper it will all be on the site. Your work will e safe because you can control which users can see it and which cant.

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