Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Process Journal 30/04/08

Today In I.T. i think i did well because i managed to finish another three strips of my comic and if i keep going at this rate i will finish it in time and not only in time but it will be a very nice and wonder Story! I have to work harder next time because we only have 1 more lesson to work on it!

My comic Strip Until Now 30/04/08

Process Journal 23/04/08

Today I had the same problem as last Wednesday but this time i had tought about it and before i tried to save i took a screen shot and pasted it in to microsoft word so i dont have to kepp repeating it over and over. I was successful today because i mangged to finish another 3 comic strips. Ittook time for me to think. I pasted it into microsoft word but the writting was so small so i had to go back to it and make the writting bigger and did it again. Today i think was a very successful day for me and i hope next time it is going to be a successful as it was today!

Process Journal 16/04/08

During this lesson i had trouble at the beging because i had already started my comic strip but then when i went to open it it was not their i looked for it everywhere but still no use i could not find it. I opened the folder where it was ment to be saved but all i found was everybody elses comic strip ecxept mine. So i spent the whole lesson doing it all over again and i endded up with my first 3 comic strips.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Start of my comic strip


What will you do first?
The first thing i will do is find out what program i am going to use, and it will be toondoo and aniboom together. I will plan my project draw and say how it will look like in everyway then i will get started with it.

What will i need to complete this project?
To complete this project i will need the software aniboom and toondoo, i will need my design of how it is going to be and look like. Also to complete this project i will need focus and concentration because if i talk tomy firends my project will be very bad but i want it to be a success.

How will the product i created be evaluated?
This project will be evaluated on the flollowing critirias:
1) Is it readable?
2) Is it colorful?
3) Is it eye catching?
4) Do you enjoy reading it?
5)Is it funny?

How do we decide if it is a good product or not?
We can decide if it is a good product or not by looking at the survay that i will give out. If most of it says that it is good nothing can be improved and it isredable and other good things that means that my product is good but if they say the opposite that means that it is a bad product and that i need to improve it to do better next time!


What Am i going to produce?
I am going to produce a comic strip in ToonDoo and then i am going to creat alittle animation in aniboom and then i am going to put it together.

What Will it look like?
It will look very bright and eye catching, i am going to put alot of characters and diffrent types of pictures and props so i can make it eye catching and joyful to read. I will also do the best i cna to make it funny so people can enjoy reading it and also think it is funny.

What will the function be?
The function will be christmas it is ment to communicate and also to make you laugh because it is also a comic strip.

How will it be evaluated?
I am going to get sevral people to look at my comic strip and animation and then answer a survay which will ask them questions like: What did u like about it?, What can i improve?, What didn't you like?.

What will you need to create it?
The successfully create my product i will need 2 main programs and they are: aniboom and toondoo. I will concentration and focus so i can finish it and make it a good comic stripand animation.