Wednesday, October 31, 2007

My Website Design

For my website i am going to make it eye catching with different color and colorful pictures.
I am will not have too much information about disasters because it will get to boring for people and they wont be bothered to read, I will put the important information and make it short but very informative.
I will have different designs on each page but all colorful, I have have pictures of disasters but pictures that will touch you, so people fell bad and read on.
Each page will not have too much information but the homepage will be like a start for people to read so they go on to the next page and the next.
Each piece of information will be in a box with nice borders.
My website will be very informative but in a fun and good way, people will be eager to carry on reading

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Good and bad websites

This website is a good site because they put the writting on a clear white background and they font was clear and the writing was black. And on the sides they put a very nice and colorful design of rainbows and other colorful objects. Which is eye chatching and the desing of how the website is made is very good. It also has good information,so with a good desing and good information it is a very good website.
This website is a bad website because it is too long and it has too much text, it s very confusingto read.It has a bad background (yellow) and it would take you more than 1 hour the finish reading it all. To improve this you can make it shorter witjh less text and make itmore eye catching!!

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

My diagram for how I am going to make my website.