Wednesday, September 26, 2007


This lesson we learnt a new software called dream weaver, and the lesson before we learnt the html, we have been asked to play with both and see which it would be easier if we were to make a website, I think it would be earsier to make a website with html because all you have to do is put codes and you will have asite but if you used Dream Weaver you would have to do everything step by step and open everything and make it. I say if youwanted to take your time and if you are not in a rush you should use dream weaver but if your in a rush because it is a big project and you dont havbe time i would sugest you use html.n

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Synchronous and aSynchronous

Which communication forms are synchronous?
If i was chatting to my cousin in America there will be approx 10 hours different but we would be chatting at the same time but in a different place. It will have to be real time.
Which ones are asynchronous?
If i was to send an e-mail to my friend that would be ASynchronous because it would take more that a day for her to answer because it would not be like an instant messege.
What type of information would be conveyed by each form?
If it was a very big emergncy then you would have to use Synchronous communication example: If some one fantied on the floor you would have to call the nurse asap so you would call her not send her an e-mail.
If it was somthing small like you wanted to ask your friend if she has a dog you will send her an e-mail which is ASynchronous .
What is needed in hardware and software for each?
You could use your mobile, house phone, Computer like messenger, gmail and more.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

First week in IT

In it we first stared off going to, mrs.linsday told us about the site and the project we will be doing, then she told us about a site called dilicious which is a page where u can bookmark all of your websits, after that we went and we made our own user accounts and posted adn website, the next lesson we made our bloggs and posted a note on what we did the first week oF IT.