Wednesday, June 4, 2008

4th Of June Evaluation

1) Discuss strengths and weaknesses of your product based on the peer review: what improvements were suggested, what did you modify and change?
My final product I think was a great success because i worked hard on it. One of my strenghts that my project had was the it amused people and that was one thing that i hopped will happen, whiledoing perr rewiew all of the people that riewed it said that it was amusing and the they enjoyed it. Some weeknesses that i had that my peers said that was it was not that interesting and that i could have added alittle more strips to make it more interesting. Another commenet was that some of my speeches did not make sense so if i had to go back and change it, i would make it make sense and add more strips to make it more interesting to read.

2) Discuss the strength and weaknesses of your performance during this unit: what did you do well in? what could you have done better?
During the course of this unit i think i did well because i followed all the instructions and i always listened to what the teacher said i never disobeyed the rules that were given. Another strength was that I depened on my self i did not go and ask the teacher every to seconds how i do this or where is that like other people did. Some weaknesses are that somthimes i was not focuased at all i did not work i kept talking and when there was a substitute i somthimes did not do much work, i went off task. I think ifi did notdo that i could have made more strips andmade it more interesting for my peers to see.

3) Discuss the impact this product may/will have on your friends and family.
When i showed my comic strip to my framily and friends and it made them relises that there are many good things youvcan do on the web and that it is easy to make a comic strip if you try. When i showed it to my sibbling he decided to go on the web and try it out and he was interested. Spme comments that my family adn friends said were: that i did a good job ,it is very colourful which is what it would make it eye catching,i really like i enjoyed reading it,I really liked her comic strip. It was very intresting and creative. It amuses me. It has clear big reading and it is very colorful and attractive..
I think i have done a great job on thei project and i am proud of it! =) =)

28th Of May

Today in class we started by opening our final projects and then we went around the class doing peer review, I did 2 rewiwes and one was a comic strip and the other was a game. I think both og them were wonderful espeically the game because it was fun to play!

28th Of May