Thursday, November 27, 2008

Talking About Drupal

The emerging technology that i choose is Drupal. Drupal is a content management program that contains a set of tools for building a web-based community sites, which can include
1) a public-facing web presence,
2) the functionalities of the read/write web into a controlled school environment, or
3) Intrenet/Personal Workspaces for techs and administrators."

It can make learning better teachers and student can communicate better. It has more options that blogger and wiki. You can exceed more in your work you can design your own page with different  bag rounds  and animation which drual will give you.  They can always be intouch with their students. They can do any project they want on the suver and it willalways be safe because even if the internet stops working it will already have saved a backup on your computer desktop.It can be used for learning at school becasue Drupal is a great tool for setting up a dynamic web site that can be maintained by all members of the school community. It has many features that lend itself to enhancing communication and community within a school.

Monday, November 24, 2008

My presentation
This is My presentation Link


After my presentation my peers commented about my presentation and some things that they said were:

* I need to improve by saying it again becasue it was too low and they couldnt hear it.
*They said that i need more variety of pictures because i used all the same pictures but they were different colors.
That is all they said, But if i was to evaluate my self i would say:
*That i needed to improve by adding more variety of pictures

In conclusion i think that Drupal would be a great source to be used at school and i think that i school should consider using it.