Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Naylas review on my website

The website is very colorful, there are many different colors, the color of the font is very clear.The heading is big and clear.The color combinations are very interesting. It consists of many different happy colors.The background explains the heading and it is very suitable for this matter of subject.The website design in general is very fantastic, i think she's done a great job in designing the website and i would give her a 10/10 in this criteria.-The images very much relate to the topic, they are good clear pictures.But, they are a little bit small, she should of just made them a big bigger.In terms of quality, they are very high quality pictures.She has placed the pictures in a wonderful , organized way which makes the whole home page better organized.-She has very good navigation and organisation.All the links and hyperlinks works and all of them have a meaning to the topic, they all link to one another.The content is very related to the topic and it makes sense.-There are 3 pages which are all appropriate to the subject.The first page which is the home page gives you an introduction and a brief meaning of a tsunami disaster. The second page tells you more detailed information about tsunami. Last but not least the last page tells you how to survive a tsunami. I think that all the pages are appropriate and that they will help any person interested in finding out about tsunami.-The text is nottoo big nor too small.The colors are very nice and clear.I can also clearly read the text.

Naylas Website(evaluation)

In naylas website she has only 2 colors for the whole website althought it is really nice,because you can read it really well.
In nayals website her pictures show really well and they have perfect position and they also go well with the baground.
It also is part of her disaster which is good. In nayals website all her hyperlinks work and they are very informative and they talk about her disaster which is Earthquakes.
Nayals text size is very good because her title is big at the top and all the writting is smaller but not that small so you can still be able to read it.
Nayla has done a good job in making her 3 pages and all the information has to do with Earthquakes which is good the information is apropriate and is good information to help learn more.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Janas Website (evaluation)

I went to Jana's computer and I look at her website,Her website is really nice the headings are good expept the one on the homepage it does not really match with the background but it is okay, The writting is readable .
The pictures are clear and they show ,they are perfect sizes and all of them are in thecorrect postion where it can be shown.the design of her website is really creative and all her colours match it.the pictures are very clear and the quality is very is hyperlinked very well and her webistes are very nice and creative.overall i really liked what she did!