Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Investigate(The Three tools and what hey can do)

First Softwear/Tool:
The tool that i used was, Aniboom has speical features. It lets you creat you own person or thing using diffrent kinds of shapes and colors. It also lets you move you character once you have made it. So when you have created your character with all the diffrent shapes and colors you can click each shape that you made and click the move button and it will let you move it. If you want to make another character and make it walk in you can do that on this wwebsite. That is typically what aniboom does, it is kind of a hard to use because it is compelcated. Also when you save it does not tell you where it is saved or anything! The advantage of using this website is that you can make you character how you want it to look like and you can make you character move. The disadvatages is that you can only use 5 diffrentshapes and it is hard to make a human for exaple because we cant do the hair or anything.

Second Software/Tool:
The second tool that i used is called,toondo has diffrent special fetures. Tondoo it s much eaisers software to use, it already has everything you need there but you just need to put in into a slide. It gives you firrent types of backgrounds like: indoor, outdoor,Lnadmarks, Sports, Fantacy, Abstract and space. It also give you diffrent character children men woman animals.. and more. It also give you propes, Text, speacial and speical fetures. so all you have to do is dray what ever you want into the screen and places it where ever you want to dont have to make your own characters it is all there for you. The disadvatages of toondo is that mabye you want a character and it is not there so you cant do what your idea was you are going have to change it, The advantage is you have everything you want there so you dont have to creat anything and it is easier because all you have to do is drag.

Third software/Tool:
The thirdtool i used is flash, flash is a good program because it lets you draw anything you want and type anything you want, it has all the same fetures as paint, you can flip rotate delet fill in with a color. You can draw lines and shapes, it is like aniboom but except the only ting diffrent is that you cant make your character move!
The adavantages of flash is that you can control it in anyway you can do anything with it.
The disadvantages is that it is not on the internet and you cant accese it unless it is a program on yor computer so you have to buy it.